Live and Let Fly Character Bios


Roland Mons Gelidus
Played by Adam Kelly

Has always had his head in the stars. Trained in leadership by his wolf clan on Lajok, he now captains a freighter ship with hopes of eventually taking his crew to greater heights and farther galaxies. Roland is fair, thoughtful and eager to prove his worth as a leader after years of dismissing his responsibilities for reasons he keeps close to his Vlakan chest.


Morgan Tirta
Played by Emily Summerlin

From an early age Morgan Tirta has always been eager to travel, meet new people and engage in novel opportunities. Now at the age of 24, this intrepid half elf is a devoted follower of Arshea and their desire for new adventures has only grown.
Bright, bubbly and quick with a smile, Morgan may be seen by some as flighty or naive, however when faced with a challenge they can be quite resourceful. Skilled in the arts of healing and mediation, this young empath will give their all to assist the rest of  the crew.


Vincent Martell
Played by John Thomas

Born on the red wastes of Akiton, Vincent Martell learned early that survival is paramount and that principles are a luxury. Molded by this practical view, he developed a keen understanding of the roles & capabilities expected of himself and others. Those who know him as ‘Vinny’ might describe him as honest, blunt, or hotheaded which has led to no shortage of problems professionally and personally. A hammer who sees nails, Vincent is fiercely loyal to friends and doesn’t mind starting a fight to get what he wants.


Gadrick Tosker
Played by Josh Richards

A gruff but kind Ysoki, at least once you get to know him. He's worked for the Evgenia-Jamisson Corporation as a pilot for far too long, and he's good at what he does. Gadrick had dreams of a more interesting life once, but working for EJ Corp keeps him fed and (somewhat) comfortable in a pilot seat. He's quite proud of his mustache, and that it's often referred to as "absurdly wide".


Hezz'tia Hylaxxia
Played by Heath Parker

A devout follower of Hylax, Hezz'Tia Hylaxxia is above all else, helpful to those around her. Having grown up in a mostly Shirren religious commune on the faraway planet of Marixah, Hezz'Tia was raised to value hard work, individuality, and diplomatic problem-solving. Her love of tools and machines led her to the prestigious Sunderatu University of the Arts, where she graduated with a degree in Engineering and Metallurgy.