Apollo Protection Agency Character Bios


Nariko Zeva' Rajni
Played by Emily Summerlin

“Nariko Zeva’ Rajni. Madam of the Pools of Paradise on Absalom Station, Captain of the Epoch Tracer, Lover of high fashion, and Friend to those in need. But please, call me Zeva.”

Sultry and sophisticated, this silver tongued Lashunta has a way of knowing just who to talk to and just what to say. Be it in her role as Captain of the Epoch Tracer or Madame of The Pools of Paradise, Zeva is always charming and cunning.
But beware, though she may be the picture of polished poise; cross one of her staff or crew, and the only thing poised will be her blade at your throat.


Zenophanes-5 (Zeno)
Played by John Thomas

Constructed in the creches of Striving on the planet Aballon, Zenophanes-5 is a studious and awkward, albeit well-meaning android. A former Research Scientist, he demonstrates a technical competence for the role of Science Officer aboard the Epoch Tracer. After being rescued by a Vesk contract mercenary, he has since relocated to Absalom Station, where he settled into the role as CFO of the Apollo Protection Agency (APA) ran by his liberator and best friend, “Titanium” Mike.


Michael "Titanium Mike" Agamasan
Played by Heath Parker

The toughest damn Vesk you've ever seen, is the gunner and soldier for the Epoch Tracer crew.  Mike was a boxer in his youth, achieving a small level of fame, before dropping the sport all together for ventures in mercenary work.  After meeting on one of these missions, Mike and his best friend Zeno-5 started the Apollo Protection Agency, specializing in escorting witnesses and accused alike to Aballon for unbiased trials.


Auron Vance
Played by Zac Evans

Surly and obstinate pilot Auron Vance works on retainer for the android Cedona, flying her ship, The Epoch Tracer, along with his cohort, Fel, who serves as the ship’s engineer. Auron can often be found with his nose in a book, thumbing through ancient pre-Gap tomes filled with forgotten knowledge. Cantankerous at times, Auron is never the less a dedicated member of the Epoch Tracer Crew, though he offers little in the way of explanation for his mysterious cosmic connection.


Felanau Merana
Played by Josh Richards

Part of the Augmented caste of Verthani, Felanau Merana fell in love with technology and engineering at a young age. This passion led to him pursuing a career as a starship mechanic on his home world, Verces. Often aloof, Fel is genuinely good natured but can be fairly crass. He works now as the dedicated mechanic of the Epoch Tracer, the android Cedona’s ship, along with Auron, who is the Tracer’s pilot. With no real connection to magic, Fel does his best to make up for it through the use of an exocortex that he designed and had implanted at the base of his skull.