Our Story

Where it all began...

Southern Tomfoolery was formed when four friends decided to review the Game of Thrones television show through the lens of those that had read the books. After a time we decided to use the podcast medium to share our thoughts with each other and a few other listeners. Ah, the good ole days of huddling together around a single iPhone and sharing our poorly recorded, nerdy opinions with the world. But these humble beginnings helped to mold the group into what it would become.

Enter Tabletop Roleplaying Games

Heath, A.K.A Mike, having recently watched HarmonQuest, suggested that we all try a tabletop RPG. So we finally all got together and gave it a try. Our very first campaign, like many before us, was the Dungeons and Dragons 5th edition, Lost Mines of Phandelver. From there things only got better.

STF grew from four guys playing on a whim, to a group of 10 people playing no less than three games on a regular weekly/biweekly schedule.

We started recording our games for our own memories and to share with friends. As the campaign evolved and we continued to record and share our RPG shenanigans with those nerdy enough to be interested, we realized that we had grown a true passion for TTRPG storytelling. So after months of researching, conversations, and character building, we decided to give this thing a serious try and do a real play podcast.

But, in true STF fashion, we went about it in a rather unorthodox manner. Did we decide to play the D&D 5th edition system which we were all familiar with? Nope! We decided to instead learn a brand new system with Paizo's Starfinder! But who could blame us?

The Starfinder system is all the best things rolled into one; Aliens? Check. Elves? Check. Magic? Check. Super awesome kick ass space ships that you get to fly using the skill and know-how of each member of your team? Double check! Needless to say, we all really enjoyed the premise of the system and thought that giving listeners an opportunity to learn the game along with us would be informative and most likely hilarious as we make inevitable mistakes along the way.

So, that's our story so far. We're here to spread our love of gaming and share our passion for storytelling to any and all who will listen. We hope to spotlight the unique flavor and creative talents of the South. And most of all, we want to have a good time playing a great game with some amazing friends. We hope y'all enjoy the ride!

We'll see ya!