Against the Aeon Throne Episode 6: Flanks For All the Fists

Against the Aeon Throne Episode 6: Flanks For All the Fists

Mike greets some unwanted guests at Madelon’s house. Cedona leaves a message. A surprise visit to Aibretta’s puts the crew in an awkward spot.


Hey dudes and dudette, big love from Melbourne Australia! Yes you guys have reached it all the way down here!

Got into your podcast looking for an ATAT playthrough for inspiration for my own, so thanks for that, running it presently and it’s going swimmingly.

Actually have a question for Adam in regards to the end of this episode, in particular the way the tense af scene plays out with the very intimidating Olaraja, I got MAD first scene from Inglourious Basterds vibes… was this scene inspired by that at all?

Keep up the good work guys, this is just as enjoyable as Turncloaks by EncounterRP or the A&A, I really hope you guys continue to grow!

Hey Dan! So glad you are enjoying. Yes that was definitely inspired by Inglorious Bastards. I had fun with that scene.

Thanks for listening! Click on that contact button and join us in our discord!

Hey Dan, thanks the love! When we looked at our metrics we really thought the Australian hits were someone’s VPN! So glad to hear you’re enjoying the show, and like Adam said, join the Discord if you want to pick our brains for any other ideas for your campaign, we even have a channel for that!

Thanks again!
Zac (Auron)

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